Swedes believe in the future of Saab

Dagens Industri
Dagens Industri

Dagens Industri, the big Swedish business newspaper, has started a survey on how the Swedes see the future of Saab.

It was asked whether in the next 3 years Saab would continue to exist as a large Swedish car manufacturer.

The choice of possible answers was as follows:

- Yes, Saab continues to exist with the current owners.

- Yes, Saab continues to exist but with other owners.

- No.

- I do not know.

1046 people were interviewed, and 59% believe in the Saab future. However, only 14,6% believe Saab is still in the same ownership in 3 years, while 44,5% of respondents expect the ownership structure to change.

Survey Dagens Industri on the Saab future
Survey Dagens Industri on the Saab future

Around 24% of the Swedes surveyed viewed the future prospects negatively, while 17% answered “I don't know”.

Interestingly, participants aged 15-22 see the future optimistically, while the age group of 56-80 year olds judge Saab's future negatively.

But the 15 - 22 year olds are tomorrow's buyers and therefore the future.

Source: Dagens Industri