Hirsch Performance starts in USA

Yes we can - Hirsch Performance enters the US market
Yes we can - Hirsch Performance enters the US market

Hirsch Performance, the official tuner with diesels from Saab Automobiles, will launch sales in the US in the spring of 2011.

Finally, many US Saab drivers will say. Because so far deer products in the US, although the largest market for Saab, not available.

Customization is the trend, good money is earned here for the manufacturer and the customer enjoys a personalized Saab, but the Saab has so far lacked the necessary selection for the US customer.

Hirsch Performance launches in the US selling Saab 9-3 and 9-5 performance enhancements for the 2.0 and 2.8 liter versions with a performance boost from 30 PS. There are interior and exterior kits, sport exhaust systems, Aero Kits and Hirsch Alu rims. The manufacturer's warranty is not affected, as in Europe when installing Hirsch Performance products.

An installation of Hirsch Performance products within 60 days after purchase gives the US customer the same warranty as the newly acquired Saab, an advantage for the US customer.

For the first time ever, US customers can experience live Hirsch products at the Chicago Motoshow, which starts today. Pictures of Saab booth in Kürse on Saabblog.net.

Hirsch's move to the US market is the right step - everyone can win - Hirsch, Saab and the customer.

Source: Hirsch Performance / Saabblog.net

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