The new Saab 9-5 at the Auto Bild Design Summit

Saab 9-5 at the car image design summit
Saab 9-5 at the car image design summit

Car image design summit? Auto Bild has had 10 review new 2010 releases from four design experts. Including things we like the Ford Focus, but also exciting novelties like Mercedes CLS or Jaguar XJ.

The candidates in detail: BMW 6er Cabriolet, Ford Focus, VW Passat, Opel Meriva, Hyundai iX20, Peugeot 508, Audi A7, Saab 9 5 Jaguar XJ and Mercedes CLS.

The verdict on the Saab 95 in the quote: “The surprise candidate in the round is the new Saab 9-5. He looks unspectacular in pictures.

In essence, an almost perfect car with finely modeled surfaces, innovative window graphics and typical boat stern. A real Saab… .. A remarkable judgment, also because the Saab is closely related to the Opel Insignia and the designers had to make a lot of compromises…. Their performance is all the higher. ”

And further: “The Saab is the positive surprise in the group. The line of the tail is perfect, it has a lot of cool details, a real Saab. ”

The result of the experts:

Place 1: Audi A7

Place 2: Saab 95

Place 3: VW Passat


Place 5: BMW 6er Cabriolet

Place 6: Mercedes CLS


Place 8: Jaguar XJ


Place 10: Ford Focus

Auto Bild has discovered the love of Saab. Finally one would like to say. Because auto journalists should be glad that there are small individual manufacturers like Saab. Because the little ones are ultimately the salt in the soup.

The complete article can be read in the car image no. 6 of the 11.01.2011.

Source: car picture

Photo: Saab