Hirsch Performance: 30% discount on performance increase until model year 07

Deer performance
Deer performance

From February 1, 2011, Hirsch Performance is offering a special discount of 30% on software performance enhancements for all vehicles with model year 07 and older.

Due to the positive feedback and the high demand, the offer will be expanded and continued.

This special offer enables owners of older Saab models to upgrade their vehicle at a very attractive price and to enjoy the special driving experience.

As with all Hirsch Performance software performance enhancements, there is also the possibility that the Saab dealer can install time-limited rental software on your vehicle. If the Hirsch performance upgrade convinces you, nothing stands in the way of a purchase. Otherwise, the loan software can be removed within 10 days at no cost.

The discount of 30% refers to the customer price (excluding VAT) and is valid from the 1. February 2011. Installation costs can be requested from your dealer.

Source: Deer performance