Saab 9-3 Trifuel Sport Combined Performance at the Saab Museum Trollhättan

Trifuel Saab performance at the Saab Museum
Trifuel Saab performance at the Saab Museum

Something is happening at Saab. The separation of GM a year ago has done the small Swedish manufacturer noticeably good. With the existing Mittlen smallest gaps are occupied, the trend is towards environmentally friendly technologies.

The Swedish government's decision to continue promoting green cars with prizes has encouraged Saab and ANA to introduce the Saab 9-3 Sport Estate Trifuel.

Yesterday, the car was presented at a customer event at the Saab Museum Trollhättan. The CEO of ANA Trollhättan presented the Saab 9-3 sports trolley as unique for gasoline, ethanol and biogas operations. Keneth Johansson, the head of alternative drive technology, showed the slightly smaller trunk as the only visual difference. Otherwise, the Trifuel Saab 9-3 Sport Estate is absolutely the same as any other 9-3 Sport Estate.

Biogas vehicles are being promoted in Sweden, as well as the soon-to-be-awaited electric vehicles, to achieve the targeted energy mix that will reduce or eliminate dependency on fossil fuels.

Both types of vehicles in Sweden have a higher price than conventional vehicles, the price difference is approximately 50.000 SEK, but is largely offset by tax privileges.

So far ANA has an agreement with Saab on the conversion of 300 biogas Saab, We will see if it will only be these 300 cars, or if there will actually be more, said Joachim Lind President of ANA Trollhättan. We started selling Trifuel Saabs all over Sweden. For example, Saab Trifuel vehicles are used at Uppsalla Airport. There is a system with which bio-gas vehicles (and green cars) are preferred for passenger transport.

In Sweden, support for so-called "super green cars" is expected. Cars that emit less than 50 grams of CO2 per kilometer. It is likely that specially electric cars and hybrid vehicles will benefit from this promotion. However, the rules are not set yet.

So there is still much to do. We are waiting for the plug in Elektro Saab in series.