Saab Germany sales plus 2011 planned

Tomorrow is the Saab separation of GM a year ago. We remember, the plant in Trollhättan was in the process of settlement. Meanwhile, Saab has really accelerated and you can feel the fresh wind that goes through the company.

Saab Germany has in the meantime said goodbye to Rüsselsheim and moved to Frankfurt to its traditional location.

The restart in the independent sector is 2011 also communicate in the sales figures for the German market. As a Saab spokesman in Mayrhofen announced in Germany this year 2.500 Saab will be sold. Of these, every fourth car will have the innovative four-wheel drive.

The increase in sales is also necessary, because in 2010 Saab's market share in Germany had shrunk to a barely perceptible 0,04 percent or 860 units. Just once Saab 83 dealers are still plowing the local market. 64 additional service partners carry out repair and maintenance work, but are not allowed to sell new models.

Metropolitan regions such as Munich, Stuttgart or Cologne are (still) largely white spots on the map.

Does Germany have space for a manufacturer of individual automobiles? Absolutely yes, and the omens are good, because a lot of new things come from Sweden. With the new model offensive which starts in Geneva with the 9-5 sports car, the revised and additionally orderable equipment details, the 9-4X as well as the revised Saab 9-3 the plus should be to create.

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