Maptun Performance: Saab Trionic 8 tuning with 415 PS.

Maptun Saab 9-3, 415 PS, 450 NM
Maptun Saab 9-3, 415 PS, 450 NM

Maptun, the Saab specialist from Örebro, Sweden, has raised the bar for the Trionic 8 tuning once again. According to Maptun, the magical 400 PS limit has now been exceeded.

The Maptun test car, a Saab 9-3 Aero from the year 2005, equipped with a transmission from Quaife UK, reached on the test bench impressive 415 PS and maximum torque of 450 NM.

According to Maptun, a lot of time has been invested in fine-tuning and performance adjustment.

The first deployment of the 415 PS Saab 9-3 will take place in England in March at the Snetterton Cirquit during a Trackday. The Saab will have to compete there against top-class competition from Ferrari, Porsche and other supercars.

Currently in Sweden, the final preparations, such as the installation of a new brake system, new wheelsets and another interior.

Maptun, we keep our fingers crossed for England!

Source: Maptun

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