Saab PhoeniX Concept more pictures and information

Saab PhoeniX Concept launches the new Saab “Aeromotional Design”.

• “Aeromotional” design inspired by aviation roots and the passion of the first Saab automobiles.
• Pioneering the next generation of Saab vehicles.
• Minimalist cabin with new, driver-specific design.
• Groundbreaking Saab Infotainment IQON and communications system based on AndroidTM.
• Surprising versatility, convertible cargo area.

Saab PhoeniX Concept
Saab PhoeniX Concept

"Our company is being reborn and the Saab PhoeniX Concept pays homage to the pioneering spirit and enthusiasm that brought Saab into the automotive business at the time," said Jason Castriota, Saab Automobile Executive Design Director. “A new generation of Saab design is starting.

We call it “Aeromotional” which is supposed to combine passion and emotions with great Scandinavian aesthetics. ”

PhoeniX Concept will play an important role in the design of the following Saab production models, just as 2006 was the Aero Concept godfather for current models.

An important central theme in “Aeromotional Design” is the juxtaposition of complexity and simplicity of the technology of organic purity, a juxtaposition of Scandinavian fire and ice. This is demonstrated by the way the upper cabin looks like a black, translucent block of ice.

Traditional wing shape, restart with old Saab values
Traditional wing shape, restart with old Saab values

Important Castriota is the wing quote that pulls to the rear and the favorable CW value of only 0,25 of the PhoeniX Concept.

In the interior of the 2 + 2 seater is characterized by technology and simplicity, interesting is the new IQON Komminikationssystem, which we will describe later. Surprising versatility, formerly also a feature of Saab, shows the study through the low-opening tailgate, the access to the flat cargo area and the Saab Cargo Track elements.

The front styling with the three-piece grille, the traditional wing-shaped brand logo, the central grid grill and the LED headlights is a preview of the front of the future production models.

Preview of future production models
Preview of future production models

Saab PhoeniX Concept Car, technical specifications:

Gasoline Engine:
Transverse mounting 1.6 l, 4-cyl, aluminum head / block, cast iron liners
DOHC, chain-driven, four-valve per cylinder
Variable valve timing (inlet and outlet), variable valve lift (inlet)
Direct injection. intercooled twin scroll turbocharger
Bore / stroke: 77 / 85.8 mm, Compression Ratio: 10.5: 1
Bosch electronic engine management
Stop / start functionality, regenerative braking during fuel cut-off
Max power: 200 hp (147 kW) / 6000 rpm.
Max.torque: 250 Nm (185 lb.ft) / 2000-5000 rpm

Saab eXWD, electric rear wheel drive system:
Rear drive unit, differential, driveshafts, externally mounted between rear wheels.
25 kW electric motor / generator.
1.1 kW / h lithium ion battery pack, mounted under cargo floor, air duct cooled.
Charging through regenerative braking.
Electric power boost, torque vectoring, traction support.
In-house Saab hybrid management system.

Front: MacPherson struts, lower aluminum A-arms, anti-roll bar.
Rear: 5-link independent suspension, coil springs, dampers. anti-roll bar

Transmission: Steering:
Six-speed manual Rack and pinion, electric power assistance

Wheels, Brakes:
Alloy, 20inch, 245 / 40R20 tires
Discs: front 378 mm / rear 325 mm (all ventilated)
6 piston caliper front, 4 piston caliper rear

Performance Data (projected)
0-100 km / h (0-62 mph): 5.9 secs
80 -120 km / h (50-75 mph), 5th gear: 9.8 secs
Top Speed: 250 km / h electronically controlled
Fuel consumption (combined cycle): 5,0 l / 100km
CO2 emissions 119 g / km
Cd 0,25

Length: 4416mm. Width: 1868mm. Height: 1328mm. Wheelbase: 2555mm.