Classic Saab on Ebay: Saab 96, Saab Sonnet 3

It is spring the classic car season starts again. At least on Ebay are currently 3 classics offered by Saab in more or less good condition.

Saab 96, built in 1967 on Ebay.
Saab 96, built in 1967 on Ebay.

A rare Saab 96 from the year of construction 1967, with read 36.900 kilometers and Dutch papers is repeatedly on sale.

Optically, at least the 96er is appealing, presumably the sale of the rosy asking price of the owner.

Saab 96 these years of construction are rare, the front, at least in our eyes, one of the most beautiful of the series.

Maybe you can find Saab lovers and redeem the 96 from Ebay.

Saab 96, stands at the 05.03.11 on the Oldtimermarkt in Hamm
Saab 96, stands at the 05.03.11 on the Oldtimermarkt in Hamm

A priced other caliber is another Saab 96 in a pitiful condition.

It is a 96 of the last series, which is on March 05.03.11th, XNUMX in Hamm on the classic car market. In the auction itself, the seller auctioned off a wheel nut, what an individual touch of humor.

But, apparently, the auctioneer still has two whole garages with spare parts.

So Saab friends, if you are looking for something for your 96, or if you want to wake up kissing the 96, call or head to Hamm for the classic car market.

Maybe it's worth it.

Quite wild is raised to the third classic, a Saab Sonnet 3.

Saab Sonnet III on Ebay
Saab Sonnet III on Ebay

The auction text of the eBay auction:

“For Saab fans, or those who want to become one:

Saab Sonnet III / 3 import from the USA. Vehicles were completely restored before 10 years (technology, paint, interior).

Meanwhile, the paint (plastic body) has suffered a bit and no longer shines completely, as in the pictures, has a few, a few minor quirks ..

2003 Assessment according to § 21c StVZO (Olditmer). Happy bidding. If you have any questions, just send an email.

And as always, since it is a private auction, no renegotiations, warranty claims or returns.

The vehicle should be picked up in Reutlingen no later than 10 days after the auction ends. ”

Well, enjoy the classic purchase.