E85 conversion for Saab from BSR Tuning

BSR tuning Sweden, E85 kits for Saab
BSR tuning Sweden, E85 kits for Saab

BSR Tuning is, according to their own statements, the only company in the world which makes it possible to operate Otto gasoline engines with E85 with proven conversion kits. All conversion kits meet the requirements of the Swedish government, because BSR is a Swedish company.

In addition, BSR E85 offers tuning box for several vehicle types.

The advantages of an E85 conversion, from the point of view of BSR. However, these benefits only affect the Swedish market:

Approval of the vehicle in Sweden as ECO car, with the following advantages:

- Free parking in several Swedish cities.

- Lower vehicle tax.

- Lower tax level for company cars.

- Up to 50% subsidy for conversion in Kalmar.

- In Stockholm, converted vehicles are currently not recognized as ECO cars. But BSR is working on this recognition.

Advantages here in Germany too:

- Cheaper liter price, at the moment the difference is so serious that despite additional consumption E85 is an alternative.

- Environmentally friendly fuel made from renewable raw materials, less CO2 emissions up to 70%. Up to 50% HC and NOx emissions.

Next-generation ethanol is to be obtained from waste such as straw, wood waste and others, and this process is being worked on in Sweden and Germany.

- The fuel alternative, less dependence on oil.

- Higher performance with E85 on Saab models.

- Your car is BiFuel capable, can fill up with ethanol or super, whichever is cheaper.

We do not know if BSR has already delivered E85 conversion kits to Germany. We recommend direct contact with the Manufacturers.

Source: BSR Tuning