Green diesel from Sweden

Green evolution from Sweden
Green evolution from Sweden

Green evolutions do not only come from Trollhättan of Saab, but also from other Swedish companies.

The Swedish mineral oil company PREEM has announced the development of the first “worldwide green diesel”.

As the Swedish edition of “The Local” writes, emissions are reduced by 16% compared to conventional diesel fuel. PREEM achieves this reduction by adding tall oil, a pine oil that is a by-product of pulp production.

A typical Swedish solution, as tall oil is only available in areas with appropriate forestry. The fuel will be available at Swedish PREEM stations from 9.04.2011 and is slightly more expensive than conventional diesel. According to current information, there are no restrictions on refueling for vehicles that were previously operated with conventional diesel fuels.

PREEM has invested 300 millions of kroner in the development of the new fuel and claims that the Green Diesel promises a greater CO2 reduction for the Swedish environment than biogas and bioethanol vehicles combined to date.

Manufacturer: Preem