Saab week: Crown princess in the Saab 9-5, Saab in the snow, approval targets 2011

Sweden's crown princess Viktoria enters the Saab 9-5
Sweden's crown princess Viktoria enters the Saab 9-5

A crown princess in the Saab.

Sweden's Crown Princess was visiting Malmö. The official car of Crown Princess Victoria was a black Saab 9-5. This proves the good taste of the Swedish heir to the throne, which unlike the father has a better sense of local products.

Mr. Papa prefers to dive through Stockholm in various South German makes. But Victoria is in good royal company. For the Danish heir apparent is Saab driver. Keep on Saabing, Victoria!

Source: Aftonbladet

Reinforcement for Saab North America

Saab North America strengthens its human resources base and names James Sweeting as the new Executive National Sales Director. Sweeting, previously 24 years employed at American Honda Motor Co. in various postitons begins at 15. March at Saab. Welcome, Mr. Sweeting!

Source: Chicago Tribune

In winter Saab drivers glide right

Stefan Mladek, manager of Saab Austria, has a smile on his lips as he speaks of the brand's "Independence Day". Stefan Mladek about Saab, the XWDays and the upcoming models in the Salzburger Nachrichten.

Saab 9 5 TiD Vector traditional brand

Again Austria. The Austrian 4WD four-wheel magazine has tested the Saab 9-5 Vector. Many pictures were taken. To the Article.

Old Swede with big goals

Dick Braakhekke does not like to talk about registration numbers. That is understandable. Because the Dutchman is press spokesman of Saab Germany GmbH, which moved from Rüsselsheim to Frankfurt last September. Saab approval targets 2011 and more, read in the Frankfurt new press.