Saab develops new modular platform

Saab PhoeniX Concept, rear with traditional Saab plane logo
Saab PhoeniX Concept, rear with traditional Saab plane logo

The technique for the Saab 9-3 successor, which should appear at the end of 2012 is largely finished. For a long time we puzzled on which platform the new Saab should stand.

Originally, Saab wanted to take over the existing platform and modify it accordingly. These plans, it seems, have now been abandoned.

How coach and other sources, Saab is working on its own modular platform designed to cover the range of one car length from 4.20 meters to 5,50 meters. Lower middle class to upper class.

Platform development is one of the most expensive investments within the automotive industry. One of the riskiest. In the past, Saab developed a premium platform under GM direction together with Opel and the FIAT Group.

Although the platform was fully developed, it was never used at Saab. Why ? Too heavy, not enough premium. Today, Alfo Romeo 159, Spider and Brera are rolling through the country on this platform. All too heavy, although slimmed down in the course of the facelift, too little Alfa, too much gasoline consumption, flop.
The consequence then for Saab, the 9-5 successor was delayed further.

The new platform is similar to what Audi uses and should be inspired by Scania, where a basic platform is used for different types of trucks.

Theoretically, a superclass Saab could also be created on this platform, currently the concrete planning is only for 9-3 successor and the successor of 9-5 and 9-4x, which will be built for the first time in Sweden.

Designing your own platform is expensive and demanding. On the one hand, the Swedish understanding of safety must be taken into account; on the other hand, future vehicle generations must be lighter and more flexible with multiple drive concepts. If the platform succeeds, Saab is a big step forward. Because here in Germany Saab is still written by the relevant engine press, due to the platforms used in the Opel corner.

The platform should not be suitable for a small Saab. It would then have to be developed completely new or bought in a cooperation (BMW - Mini?).

The newly developed 5 handlebar rear suspension from the Phoenix Concept Car will be built by the German supplier ZF. For this purpose, a new plant is being built in Sweden.

It's going in the right direction. Griffin up, Saab!

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Image: Saab automobiles