Saab week: Saab 92, Saab Canada, prices for Saab 9-5 accessories lowered

Saab 92: Article in the South German.
Saab 92: Article in the South German.

What happened so often around Saab this week, the best press articles around the globe:

Saab 92: The first

1949: The first serial Saab in history could not deny its origins in aircraft. One of the consequences: a cw value like the Ferrari F40. Article recommended, read on

Saab lets users create online banners

Saab breaks new ground in the creation of online banners. To increase the click-through rates, the automaker has developed for the first time on Facebook user web advertising formats. Read article

Saab Canada

Slowly, slowly, Saab Canada advances. The website has now been (cautiously) updated and finally shows a dealer directory and a brochure for download. Why so timid? Turn on the turbo!

Source: Saab Canada

Pilot tar saver

Steven Wade hatssold a blog saabsunited. The new owner, Saab fan Tim Rokka, a pilot from Trollhättan, wants to continue the site with his crew in the old spirit. Sounds good. If Tim Rokka is not in the air, he drives a Saab 9-3 Viggen or a Saab 9-5. Are we interested in just yet, does Mr. Rokka also fly a Saab brand in his profession? Found in the TTELA, the local press in Trollhättan.


Saab lowers Saab 9-5 accessory prices.

England, you have it better. Saab in England dramatically lowers the price of accessories for the classic Saab 9-5. This action should also bring the drivers of the old 9-5 back to the dealer. Because, the Saab customers drive in England, the beloved Saab longer than the owners of other car brands. The campaign strengthens the dealer loyalty and makes customers happy. And Germany ?

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