Saab Week: Steven Wade Edition

Steven Wade Saab Festival 2010
Steven Wade Saab Festival 2010

Saab week this time in triplicate. What you can do with pure enthusiasm, has proven the Saab Blogger from Tasmania, Steven Wade. He managed a fantastic career, his new employer is Saab Automobile. A crazy story, as only possible with Saab.

That's what the press says

Saabs United Forum Founder Hired to Head-Up Social Media For Saab.

Saab recognized the value of social networking and hired Saabs United founder Steven Wade. This is said to build the presence of the car maker, who is just reinventing, in the field of social networks, says car guide.

Saab Automobile hires the Australian Bloger who saved the company.

The Australian blogger with a passion for Saab, who, in the words of Saab boss Victor Muller, played a "key role" in the rescue of Saab, is hired by Saab Automoblie, according to the Swedish edition of The Local.

Saab hires bloggers to drive marketing.

Saab Automobile has hired blogger Steven Wade to redesign the model palette, strategy and corporate communications. He will be part of the International Marketing Team and will use all the weapons and platforms of modern social networks to spread the message of Saab, as worded car evolution the message.

Saab hires Saabsunited blogger Steven Wade as a social networking guru.

Steven Wade has spent the past six years building Saabsunited. When the stress got too much for him, he decided to sell the blog and to devote himself to his love - Saab. We cannot imagine a better man for this job, writes autoblog.

Steven Wade of Saabsunited hired at Saab Automobile.

After the first year of independence, Saab decided to get even closer to his fans. In these modern times, this is best done through the Internet. So what could be more natural than engaging Steven Wade, founder of the largest Saab fan platform on the Internet? Kilometer Magazine.

The power of online journalists, Saab buys Saab-oriented blog.

The heading is not correct, but a readable article about new media, the automotive industry and Steven Wade follows. Found in the BMW Blog.

Blogger Steven Wade gets job at Saab.

He has made his website Saabsunited Saab known worldwide. In the tumultuous times when GM sought a new owner for Saab, he always provided balanced and fair coverage. Many messages published by major media companies around the world had their origins in Saabsunited's small site, reports the Swedish edition of Auto Motor Sport.

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