Car and Driver: Saab 9-2 for 2014

It could look like this: Saab 9-2 for 2014
It could look like this: Saab 9-2 for 2014

25 cars that are worth waiting for. Car and Driver has created a list. On it is the Saab 9-2, which the authors expect for 2014.

The list of automobiles that are “worth maintenance” includes classics such as the new Porsche 911 and luxury cars such as Bentley Continental GTC or various Audi and BMW.

The newly expected Saab is in the best of automotive society.

Also for a re-entry of Saab into the rally scene the 9-2 is traded again and again in different publications for months.

Unfortunately, the 9-2 is still speculation at the moment, there is no suitable platform, and the financing is not clear. But - Saab has repeatedly caused surprises in the positive sense in recent months. Since the rumors do not fall silent, one can assume that the work is going on behind the scenes.

So let's get involved in the speculation. We tap on a cooperation partner of the platform and provides engines. Our absolute favorite would be an agile Saab 9-2 on a mini platform.

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Source: Car and Driver