Back to the Roots: Saab combi-horn for 9-3 successor 2012

Bring me back the hatch! Saab 900 - Classic - Reissue of the hatchback
Bring me back the hatch! Saab 900 - Classic - Reissue of the hatchback

Saab purists like the hatchback, or Kombicoupe. For them, the classic 900 and the coupe form of the 900 II, and the 9-3 I is the classic and embodies the Saab philosophy par excellence.

Compared to autoblog has Magnus Hillerborn, Saab's Vehicle Validation Engineer now confirmed for the 2012 9 appearing 3-XNUMX successor as a combination car body approved as one of the approved body shapes.

The combination cup will as 5-door variant appear, as well as a convertible version is confirmed. A combination version will probably follow with some time interval. What would be conceivable is an 2-door coupe, a sedan version is not yet confirmed.

According to Magnus Hillerborn, the 5-door hatchback version should be very - let's say "Saabig" - on the one hand, but on the other hand you do not want to frighten the traditional limousine buyer.

Especially in the US market and in the European countries, such as the Spanish market, which is important for Saab, smaller traditional notchback versions are still in high demand. Even if traditionalists like to see Saab interpreted as a "hatchback brand", Saab's history is dominated by the brand image until the appearance of 900-dominated sedans.

Starting from the 92 to the Saab 99, Saab produced, in addition to a station wagon version and sports car small series, especially sedan types. Therefore, should not completely lose sight of this form.

We are happy about a new Saab Kombicoupe and can hardly wait for the debut.

Source: Autoblog

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