Saab Hybrid for Saab 9-3 successor 2012

Saab PhoeniX Concept, turbo, electric motor, all-wheel drive
Saab PhoeniX Concept, turbo, electric motor, all-wheel drive

From various sources we hear news about Saab's first hybrid drive, which will be debuting in 2012 / 13's successor to the Saab 9-3.

The news situation is contradictory but the following emerges: unlike other systems already known to us, Saab will have the front wheels powered by a conventional engine powered by gasoline or gas, which is a big topic in Sweden.

The rear wheels are on demand, similar to a turbo boost, driven by the electric motor. The cornerstone of all hybrids will be the Saab eXWD four-wheel drive system. So you save the conventional connection of front and rear axle and thus weight and annoying adjustment or comfort problems with other manufacturers fight

Unclarification and contradiction exist at this early stage about the engine to be installed. Some sources speak of the well-known V6 engine from GM production, others from an 4 cylinder engine. In our opinion, the GM / Holden engine is not necessarily one of the most fuel-efficient and most promising engines in the world.

Li / ion batteries will be used in the new Saab Hybrid, which is state of the art. It is known that the 9-3 successor end 2012 is expected. The hybrid, from Saab side is no official announcement before, 2013 is expected.

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