Saab week: 9-4x test drive, Tesla S, Heino Ferch, Saab 96

Saab 9-4x test drive in Swedenburg USA
Saab 9-4x test drive in Swedenburg USA

What was written around the globe on Saab this week, the best articles:

Saab 9-4x test drive in the US

The Motor Presse in the US was allowed to test drive the new Saab 9-4x. First impressions were added Drive On released. The time of launch is seen as something unhappy, the author says, as expected in the US rising gasoline prices.

Cambridge Saab: 3 years maintenance service for free.

For all new Saab purchased and registered by 31.03.11/1000,00/XNUMX, the dealer Cambridge Saab offers a free maintenance service up to a maximum value of £ XNUMX. The Saab customers This allows you to keep your new car waiting for a crew with a long brand loyalty at no extra cost. Why do not Saab retailers in England come up with customer-friendly ideas and where do German service offers stay? Hello, dealer? Read on Cambridge News.

Prissänkta tillbehör. Saab Sweden lowers accessories prices for old Saab 9-5.

to England also Sweden. The prices for Saab accessories are drastically reduced. Because that's how you lure the drivers of the older models into the car dealerships and maybe sell a new Saab in a year or two. Found on the Swedish Saab site. In Germany (some) Saab dealers have similar, limited-time promotions. To ask.

Pictures: Saab 96

Auto Bild has made a nice story about the Saab 96. Should look at, A full article on the Saab 96, nicely written can be found in the March issue of Autobild Classic.

Tesla S:

Tesla brings after the roadster the Tesla S. Tesla also pursues an infotainment concept, which is similar to the basic idea of ​​Saab IQon. Because even for the new Tesla S is to buy apps, said the Tesla founder in the last issue of the mirror.

One Big Table:

Molly O'Neill, American cookbook author and former New York Times columnist, is causing a sensation in the United States with her book “One Big Table”. The author traveled 500.000 miles across America to collect recipes for her 900-page book from farmers, cooks and fishermen. She traveled 300.000 miles by car. The mark ? Saab, of course.

The colorful

We don't want to hold that back for you either. The actor Heino Ferch when asked about his first own car: a black Saab 900i. Today the actor drives Range Rover. Good taste, how about a test drive in the new Saab 9-5, Mr. Ferch? Found in the print version of the "Bunte" last week.

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