Saab Year Numbers 2010: The Facts

Saab's 2010 figures are as expected and leave little room for interpretation. But are not really a surprise either. The slowly increasing sales, the costs of restructuring and starting production, the rebuilding of the dealer network and ... .. The list is almost endless.

But the numbers of 2010 are the numbers of the past. Not the future. And 2010 was a tough, exceptional year, as few companies have experienced and few have survived.

The numbers for 2010 in short form:

Annual turnover 201o of 819,00 million €, of which in 4. Quarter 301,00 million.

EBIT 2010: 140 million € (loss).

Net loss in 4. Quarter 2010: 39,00 million after 39,9 million in 3. Quarter.

Cash flow: 115 million € 2010.

Sold cars: 31.696, an increase of 15% to 2009.

Sold cars 4. Quarter 2010: 11.448, an increase of 31% to 3. Quarter 2010.

The numbers are as the numbers were expected. A stagnant production, new products on the run. Be fair in interpreting these numbers. The trend towards the end of the year was clearly up.

2010 has been tough, but Saab has new, promising products in the pipeline for the next 36 months. And Saab has good ideas and realistic plans to implement these ideas.

Normally we would tell you now and here, do not worry about Saab, because Saab is on the way. If not for the burdensome resignation of Saab CEO Jonsson.

Source: Spyker Cars NV / Saab Automobile AB

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