Saab is looking for cooperation partner for Saab 9-2

It could look like this: Saab 9-2 for 2014
It could look like this: Saab 9-2 for 2014

A few days ago we still speculated, now it seems to be true. Saab CEO Victor Muller is looking for a cooperation partner for the new Saab 9-2.

In an interview with Automobil News Europe, Muller stated that Saab is looking for a partner who can provide platform and propulsion technology for a new small Saab.

He imagines a Saab 9-2 the size of an Audi A1 as an entry into the Saab world. The starting price will be 20.000 €, a quantity from 30.000 to 50.000 is the intended order of magnitude. Muller did not want to mention the current conversation partners in this interview.

Cooperation would dramatically reduce development time and costs and bring Saab to much-needed volumes. Especially since Muller sees no need for further bank loans for the company, which must in 2012 absolutely in the black numbers must return.

To exploit the potential capacity in Trollhättan of 190.000 wagons a year, Muller could also envision contract manufacturing for other manufacturers.

The break-even point for Saab is currently 85.000 cars a year to be profitable. An annual production of 2011 pieces is planned for 80.000.

Oh yes, what Muller said: The small Saab 9-2 will be derived from the Saab classic 1949 built between 1956 and 92, but - it will not be a retro Saab.

Victor Muller has always had the potential to surprise us in the past. He took on Saab in tough times and performed well through the first, critical year. We are curious what is coming.

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Source: Automotive News Europe