Focus on rally history. Rally Giants - Saab 96 and V4

Saab 96 & V4
Saab 96 & V4

A book focusing on the Saab 96 rally history.

In the 1960s, the front-wheel drive Saab 96 made the brand a true icon of rallying.

With successes at major events such as the Rallye Monte Carlo and the RAC Rallye, as well as events across Scandinavia and the demanding Spa-Sofia-Liège Marathon, Saab showed that from now on they would cause a sensation in the starting field.

The successor to the 96, the Saab V4, proved to be absolutely competitive and once again confirmed that a front-wheel drive car can be successful.

This book from the Rally Giants series is dedicated to the 96 and V4 models and shows their history from concept, design and development.

Technical innovations are described step by step and backed up with numerous color photos. A complete list with all important successes of the Saab completes this work. In principle, this book does not really bring anything new to the insider, there are many books just about the Saab 96. But the book is well made and is a supplement for Saab 96 and rally fans.

Saab 96 book, for fans, to complement the library
Saab 96 book, for fans, to complement the library

Publisher: Veloce
Author: Graham Robson
Format: 19,5 cm x 21 cm, Softbound
Photos: About 100, mostly in color
Page number: 128
Language: English

Where to Buy: Amazon, Rallywebshop.