Saab News: Saab Sweden boss Magnus Hansson interview

Magnus Hansson
Magnus Hansson

Some are satisfied even in the corporate crisis. If they have reason to do so, that's fine. Because good news also wants to be sold.

For example, responsible for the Swedish market Saab man Magnus Hansson. His sales figures for Sweden are improving from month to month, although the new Saab 9-5 SportCombi is not yet on the market.

In a short interview last Friday with Dagens Industri, he was asked about the increase in sales in March 2011. Saab was able to increase its sales from 388 to 888 units sold. What Magnus Hansson said to Dagens Industri:

"We are very satisfied with the past month," says Hansson, "which is particularly gratifying as the most important product innovations are still ahead of us."

Magnus Hansson sees a big order boost for Saab as sales and delivery of the 9-5 Combiversion begin.

“Currently we only sell the sedan from 9-5. The order books for the Saab 9-5 SportCombi will be open from April. Sweden has a very large market for station wagons of this class, which will give Saab a boost. And the new 9-4x will come a little later. ”

The orders for the 9-5 SportCombi will be accepted by Saab in Sweden starting in April, and the first customers will receive the SportCombi after the factory holidays in September.

“There is a lot of interest from our dealers. And we want to continue to grow aggressively from year to year. ” says Hansson to Dagens Industri.

Saab sales targets in Sweden for 2011 did not want to call Hansson in an interview.

Source: Dagens Industri

Photo: Saab Automobile