The Swedish car market in March 2011

Saab 9-3 SportCombi Griffin
Saab 9-3 SportCombi Griffin

Saab posted a disproportionate increase in sales in March to 2011. However, at a low level, but the Saab numbers have been showing a positive trend in the home market for months. The Swedish private customers and fleet managers regain confidence in the brand from Västragötland.

A quick look at the Swedish market in March.

The March 2011 was the second best month ever in Sweden. During the year, new registrations increased by 18% compared to the same period of the previous year. In March, the passenger car market grew by 15.1% in a month-on-month comparison. During the month, 29.527 received new registrations in Sweden.

Saab increased sales of 388 to 888 units, while the other Swedish brand, Neighborhood Volvo, boosted sales of 4.830 on 5.777 automobiles. An increasingly important role in Sweden plays the diesel, which is related to tax incentives.

From 47,7% to 60,4%, the diesel share increased year-on-year; in March, the share of diesel in new registrations was 59,0%. Diesel vehicles with emissions under 120 g / CO2 are heavily subsidized in Sweden for tax purposes, while the production of Flexi Fuel vehicles is partially phased out or has already expired.

Environmental diesel, as offered by Saab, plays an important role in new registrations. The share of green cars therefore rose to 38% in March and averaged at 35.4%.

Saab with the new 180 PS environmental diesel in the 9-3 SportCombi can participate in a growing market. The first copies of the 9-3 Griffin TTID, which will be presented at Independence Day, will now roll to customers and ensure another big bite of the Swedish approvals.

Source: Bill Sweden

Photo: Saab Automobile