Saab: How much does Saab rescuer Victor Muller really make?

Victor Muller, Saab rescuer
Victor Muller, Saab rescuer

Saab rescuer Victor Muller played in the past virtuoso the media man. It's understandable that the media will take a closer look when it comes to income. Dagens Industri yesterday published the earnings of Victor Muller, which he obtained from working for Saab.

The Saab purchase, Dagens Industri believes was a good deal for Victor Muller. In 2009 (prior to the Saab purchase), Muller, Managing Director of Spyker and Saab's Board of Directors, received compensation of 2.1 million SEK. However, 2009 only had a management contract with Muller's own company.

Saab and Muller signed an agreement on 01.Juni 2010, Muller's revenues more than doubled to more than 5.4 million SEK.

In addition, Muller 2010 receives a bonus of another 4.5 million SEK and 120.000 Spyker shares, which is equivalent to about 4.5 million SEK.

Spicy, says DI, because the bonus is not based on the economic success of Saab, but on the other hand, the requirements of the business plan were met. The plan was fulfilled at 40%, which entitled Muller to the corresponding bonus.

Victor Muller was able to increase his income through the purchase of Saab many times over. In the same year, Saab accumulated a loss of 1.95 billion SEK, the outgoing Saab CEO Jan Ake Jonnson earned in the year 2009 income of 2.5 million SEK.

Too much salary, too much bonus? The Mullers position theoretically corresponds to that of a CEO of a medium-sized stock corporation, but salary is common, measured by the size of the company and the economic situation.

Yes, without Victor Muller, Saab would no longer exist, he was the one who had the courage to save the brand in a difficult situation. And it is thanks to the media presence of Victor Muller, present on all channels, all trade fairs and all countries, that Saab is back in the minds of car buyers. The media jack-of-all-trades is therefore priceless.

What ignores Dagens Industri completely: Victor Muller is also Saab / Spyker major shareholder. He is not some foreign manager, but as a co-owner carries a very significant financial risk. Still a good deal?

Now, after one year of Saab independence, the media headwind is getting stronger. The ownership structure is in transition, many in the top management on the test.

Of course, these articles appear at Dagens Industri and also at Dutch News at the “right” time. But a media professional like Muller will get through this too.

With a smile.

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Sources: Dagens Industri / Dutch News

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