Saab US: Saab sales in March 2011

Yes we can - Saab starts in the USA
Yes we can - Saab starts in the USA

The US market is traditionally important to Saab. So far, business in America did not really want to ignite, but now Saab seems to be kicking off.

In March 2011 were admitted to the US 830 new Saab. This translates into a month-on-month gain of a good 50% and an admission gain of a few 100% over the previous year when the US business reached its all-time low.

Good news from Saab USA.

The best-selling model was once again the Saab bread and butter car, the 9-3 with 707 registrations. Not yet in the new revised 9-3 Griffin version - we're talking about the old Saab 9-3. Unfortunately, one can not even compare the numbers with the old Saab times when Saab USA sales were counted in thousands, but after all.

Jim Sweeting is the new Sales Director of Saab North America. He is pleased with the sales figures, which in his opinion are due to the competitive, for USA important, leasing conditions.
He sees sales figures rising steadily month by month. The new Saab 9-4x, which is important for the US market, is still in the market debut and will continue to push US numbers higher.

Kling very well. We keep our fingers crossed. Griffin up!

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