Saab News: Saab looking for alternative financing

The Saab management is working on all possibilities to strengthen the capital base of the car manufacturer from southern Sweden.

Russian investment banker Vladimir Antonov, possibly future Saab shareholder, has contacted the five largest banks in Europe to secure alternative financing of up to 3.6 billion SEK.

The primary aim is to replace the EIB loan and bring more capital into the company. Background: As announced yesterday, Saab pays an interest rate of up to 10% on the EIB loan. This is even Swedish circles the Saab are not benevolent are too much, it is above the junk bond level currently being paid in Sweden. These funds are only limited available, linked to specifications.

In addition, the EIB loan is currently preventing the entry of Investor Antonov as it requires the approval of the EIB or the Swedish Reichsverwaltungsverwaltung.

Alternatively, Saab is trying to get more money by selling technology licenses. For example, licenses for the innovative PhoeniX platform could be sold. Talks with car makers, including Chinese, have already taken place.

The problem: No matter if alternative financing, license sales, EIB loan repayment. Saab could get a time problem. This problem should be solved, the nerves of the author would also be grateful.

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Source: Dagens Industri

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