Hirsch Performance: Saab 9-5 stainless steel exhaust system, Saab sound of four pipes

Sound on four pipes: Hirsch Stainless Steel Exhaust System for Saab 9-5
Sound on four pipes: Hirsch Stainless Steel Exhaust System for Saab 9-5

For the lovers of sportive sound, Hirsch Performance has composed a stainless steel exhaust system for the 9-5 2.0T and 2.8T, which perfectly matches the character of the sporty touring sedan.

While the sound is characterized by pleasantly sonorous restraint when you are relaxing, it produces a sporty-sounding sound when accelerating and under full load.

Outwardly, the two double exhaust panels in brushed stainless steel radiate elegant sportiness.
The Hirsch sound designers have managed through complex calculations and continuous computer-aided analysis and further development of prototypes in the acoustic laboratory and test drives to virtually eliminate annoying hum on highway driving and to create a sound that has pleasantly sporty harmonies. All pipes and silencers have been optimized for flow, reducing exhaust back pressure. This improves the response of the engine.

The Hirsch Performance system replaces the original exhaust from the catalytic converter. The design in stainless steel guarantees longevity and reliability. Like all other Hirsch Performance products, the double exhaust system complies with the EU homologation requirements and will be sent with all relevant documents.
For vehicles equipped with Hirsch Performance accessories, the new car warranty is fully preserved.

Available for: 9-5 2.0T and 2.0T BioPower (FWD and XWD), 2.8T. Fits version Linear, Vector and Aero.

Manufacturer: Deer performance

References: Saab dealer

Text: Hirsch Perfomance

Image: Hirsch Perfomance