Saab News, Trollhättan in the morning. What is Saab doing?

Saab crisis in Trollhättan
Saab crisis in Trollhättan

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Short view to the north. How is our Swedish patient?

Unfortunately, the news from Västragötland are not the best.

The production stop in the Saab plant continues. As reported since yesterday, the production, some suppliers refuse to supply new parts.

The local news source also announces tapes for today.

Maybe this unpleasant situation should still continue on Thursday.

More updates on the situation in Trollhättan:

Update 09: 44 Other sources report a possible production stop by next Tuesday's 12.04. More news during the day.

Update: 10: 14 Dagens Industri is now reporting that the belts will be switched off by next Tuesday. Saab PR man Eric does not want to confirm this directly, but said that one is working very intensively on this problem. He said: "Production is at a standstill and will continue until the material problems are resolved."

On Tuesday, an attempt to reach an agreement with Svenake Berglie, president of the “Fordons component groups”, failed.

Update: 11: 26 Saab PR man Eric Geers speaks again. "Saab is very interested in changing the current situation." Geer speaks of a “stop and go” production.

The workforce was not sent home. According to Eric Geer, there are enough things to do at the plant. Literally: “Träningsarbete och other saker”.

From Saab supplier side there is unfortunately nothing pleasing.

Leif Bronken, director of the Norwegian supplier Raufoss, wants to decide on Thursday if he will give the next delivery to Trollhätta. He told reuters that he had a substantial amount currently outstanding.

Lear, A supplier of car seats, has let its employees go home first. Lear operates a plant in Trollhättan.

Update 12: 38 Saab spokeswoman Gunilla Gustavs currently speaks of a “number of days” on which production will be suspended. It doesn't sound like the tapes are going to run again this week.

Hakan Scott, chairman of IF Metall union, is optimistic and expects a solution to the problem.

And again Eric Geers. To the Wall Street Journal Geers said today that can be expected with a quick problem solving.

Update 13: 34 Erich Geers is in stress today. He has again given two interviews, once compared to E24 and an update to TT. In both interviews, he does not want to comment on how long the product will stop, but emphasizes that a solution is being worked on.

Talks with suppliers run, he describes the course as constructive. When asked why Saab gives so little and insufficient information to the outside, he refers to the stock corporation law, there are just rules to be observed. The Spyker stock is traded on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

Completely unfazed by the events in Sweden, the price performance of the Spyker share which at times turned slightly in plus.

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