Spyker must not rename itself Saab

No renaming in Saab: Spyker
No renaming in Saab: Spyker

Well admitted, we have different expectations and are waiting for other reports. But a message is a message, is a message.

Especially when it comes to Saab.

Spyker, the parent company of Saab Automobile AB, would have liked to change its name to Saab. However, the name change requires the approval of the Saab AB Group, which produces, among others, Saab Defense Systems and Gripen Kampjets.

This approval has now been denied, so Spyker will probably change its name to “Swedish Automobile”. Spyker wants to trade its shares on the Stockholm stock exchange in the future, is looking for a new name after the sale of Spyker Cars.

The name change is likely to be decided at the Annual General Meeting in May.

Text: admin / saabblog.net