Saab news: Saab financing problems solved today?

Trollhättan: Today good news from Saab?
Trollhättan: Today good news from Saab?

Update: 19: 03

Yesterday we waited in vain for the good news from Sweden. Several Swedish publications report that the Saab problems will be resolved later today.

Both the TTELA from Dagens Industri are exceptionally agreed.

There seem to be several possibilities.

The possibility of disbursing further EIB funds is considered, or the long-term entry of a new industrial partner.

As a last resort funds from a hedge fund could be used.

The signs are positive, but we must once again be patient.

Update 11: 50 It looks like the Swedish Reich debt administration is moving.

Marja Lang, spokeswoman for the Reichsschuldeverwaltung, said today to the stock market magazine Marketwatch in Stockholm regarding the ongoing Saab negotiations: "I assume that we will announce something (a solution?) Later today."

Update 12: 29 Marja Lang from the Reich Debt Administration (unfortunately) sees the situation for Saab more pessimistically at lunchtime, according to the Swedish news agency TT. Literally “… pessimistics on tidpunkt ..”

Update 12: 41 During the last few days, pressure has also increased on Swedish politics, notably Finance Minister Anders Borg and Minister of Economic Affairs Maud Olofsson.

The Swedish Cabinet today has an emergency meeting due to the Saab Crisis. The goal of the effort is that production in Trollhättan can restart next week.

Update 13: 20 The Swedish government is holding a press conference today on 13: 45 (also?) On Saab. Everything is open.

Update 13: 54 The government speaks, but so far it is only about the Swedish railway, which should get 800 million crowns ..

Update 14: 08 The spokesman for the Ministry of Economic Affairs Håkan Lind announced that the government would not make a statement about Saab today.

Update: 14: 17 The Swedish government sees two possible solutions: either the assumption of a state guarantee in favor of Saab, or the partial release of collateral with which the EIB loan (probably more than adequate, what we have heard the last few days) is secured. With these valuable assets, Saab would be able to access funds from the free capitol market.

On the topic of Antonov: The examination of the possibility of investing Antonov will take at least a week, literally ”minst en vecka”. Do you notice in Sweden that time is an important factor?

Update 19: 03 Not good news from Stockholm. Marja Lång from the Reichsschuldenverwaltung says that what was done was possible to solve Saab's current money worries. But there will be no quick fix. "We thought we had a solution, but unfortunately that was not the case," said Ms. Lång.

The odds that Trollhättan's belts will run again next week are zero. The primary focus is currently on the release of collateral used to hedge the EIB loan. Efforts to find a solution continue over the weekend.

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