Saab News: A small glimmer of hope in the Saab crisis

Trollhättan: Today good news from Saab?
Trollhättan: Today good news from Saab?

Slowly, the situation for Saab seems to be improving a bit.

As the Swedish spokesman of Vladimir Antonov, Lars Carlstöm announced, the Swedish government has given the agreement that Antonov, or belonging to Antonov Convers Group, may pass money to Saab.

It is about a sum that should be over half a billion Swedish kroner, so about 50 million euros.

The money will serve Saab as a liquidity buffer, so start production again and the due supplier invoices can be paid.

As Lars Carlström further said, he expects that the entry of Antonov at Saab now takes place in a timely manner and the approval by the authorities is only a matter of form. It was not said how fast the money is provided by the Convers Group.

Before you cheer now, the confirmation of the Swedish Reich debt management is not available to us. Only the statement from Antonov employee Carlström. The possibility of Antonov quickly making money came as a rumor in the evening hours yesterday and seems now to be true.

But a ray of hope is a ray of hope.

Keep on Saabing!

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