Saab News: Is there anything new at Saab in Trollhättan or Stockholm today?

Saab crisis - today news from Trollhättan or Stockholm?
Saab crisis - today news from Trollhättan or Stockholm?

The negotiations and efforts to end the Saab crisis are continuing on the weekend. The Swedish Reich debt administration has assured in such cases no working time rules and no weekend to know.

Nevertheless, so far the chances of starting production on Monday have been low.

Dagens Nyheter has meanwhile calculated that Saab will have to earn one billion Swedish kroner each month, extrapolated to a production of (optimistic) 5000 cars.

Allegedly, the magazine has insight into the cost structure of Saab.

The monthly costs would be as follows:

* Salary: SEK 250 million a month.
* Production and component costs: 600 million per month.
* Factory operation: 80 million per month.
* Marketing: 80 millions per month.
* Development: 160 millions per month.
* Total: 1,17 billion crowns.

What else happens in Sweden is no surprise either. The president of the Swedish leasing company NF Fleet, Roger Boström, observes the development in Trollhättan with great concern. He is worried about residual values, leasing rates and whether customers can still have confidence in Saab in the future, according to an E24 interview.

On the hopefully one year ago launched tender plantlets Saab is currently trampled quite nicely. We hope that the plantlet is strong enough and survives.

Griffin up - Saab!

If there is news on the weekend, we have an eye on Stockholm and Trollhättan.

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