Saab News - what is the news situation on Wednesday?

Trollhättan: Production stop at Saab continues.
Trollhättan: Production stop at Saab continues.

The news from Sweden is anything but good today. Unfortunately. Is it fun to write a Saab blog? Not at the moment. Even with a good deal of optimism we can not get it.

In Sweden, one has Rossana Dinamarca reported via the press.

The lady unknown to us is sitting in the Swedish Reichstag as deputy chairwoman for the Vänsterpartiet.

Ms. Dinamarca accuses the Swedish government of lack of interest in the case of Saab ago. In her opinion, thousands of Swedish jobs are in danger and the government is doing nothing. Do not sound good.

In Sweden, speculation about Saab's liabilities to suppliers is growing. First and foremost again Svenåke Berglie who estimates the liabilities to several 100 millions SEK opposite Reuters.

The mood among the suppliers has been tipped since yesterday, it prepares for an emergency and talks about it. Restraint and optimism we do not find today, temporary workers are sent home.

And the tax office announces itself publicly. Before you find that strange, in Sweden, tax matters are not treated as discreetly as ours, there is more transparency and nothing unusual about it.

Margareta Åhrberg from the tax office in Gothenburg is waiting for 13 million SEK from Saab, which were due yesterday. But she says to the news agency TT, it always takes 2-3 days until payments are booked to the account.

So far, Saab has done its payments to the state on time.

What do we learn from this? It would be an open word from the Saab management. Speculation and negative tendencies can be found today in all Swedish Bättern. Lack of communication does not make the situation any better.

But there is hope, because tomorrow is sure to come. For Thursday, Spyker has promised a statement. Everything will be fine. Until tomorrow.

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