Reich debt management: Saab press conference today 15: 45

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Bo Lundgren, director of the Reichswickdenverwaltung, said that this morning an agreement was reached between Saab and a foreign partner. The Reichsverwaltungsverwaltung has no objections and has forwarded the paper to the Swedish government for final assessment.

It looks like the release of collateral on the EIB loan. Upon release, Saab would receive funds from the foreign partner. The available credit line of the EIB loan would be reduced accordingly.

According to Bo Lundgern, the Reich Debt Administration recommends that the government release securities. “Even if we release a larger amount of collateral, the taxpayer's money will not be put at risk,” Lundgren continued. The Reich Debt Administration regularly monitors and re-evaluates the securities.

The decision on the Saab future now lies with the Swedish government, which is not bound by the recommendation of the Reichsverwaltungsverwaltung. The foreign partner is allegedly Vladimir Antonov, so E24.

Today's decisions in no way affect the arrival of Antonov as shareholder of Saab, this process is separate.

In the meantime, more and more uncertainty is raging among Saab suppliers. Companies expect a signal from Saab during the day, says Marcus Nyman from supplier IAC to Gagens Industri.

Before the press conference for 15: 42 announced the news agency TT that the Saab production will start again at the earliest after Easter.

Could it be that a day that started with so much bad press ends now with a touch of hope?

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