Saab liquidity crisis: green light for Saab!

Maud Olofsson
Maud Olofsson

The Swedish government has given the green light for further Saab funding. Industry Minister Maud Olofsson announced at a press conference in Rosenbad the decision of the government.

For Saab, this means that the EIB loan's credit line will fall from 400 million to 220 million. In the same way, the EIB releases collateral. With today's decision, Saab can hope for a first interim financing of at least 30 million euros.

The decision of today concerns only the securing of liquidity and not the question of the new co-shareholder. The entry of Antonov is still under review and is linked to three very tough conditions.

First, it must be ensured that Saab receives a fair price for the real estate, Saab's access and access must be guaranteed for the company. Money laundering Allegations must be cleared up completely and the funds must be settled by a European bank which is not under direct influence of Antonovs.

The government is protecting taxpayers and taxpayers' money, says Maud Olofsson. One wants to ensure that the purchase price for the real estate, which far exceeds the value of the first loan tranche of 30 millions, is market-fair. And you probably want to protect Saab from not serious buyers.

A good day for Saab. A good day for Trollhättan. A first step on a long road.

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