Saab press review: What does the Swedish press say about Saab?

Maud Olofsson
Maud Olofsson

After yesterday's press conference, the decision of the Saab future lies with the Swedish government. The recommendations of the Swedish Reichsverwaltungsverwaltung are positive for Saab, but the government has no obligation to follow them.

A problem for Saab is the time factor. Unfortunately, Minister of Industry Maud Olofosson in Sweden is not particularly decisive, so a statement will probably come only after the weekend.

What leading Swedish newspapers publish today, the most important in the summary:

Dagens Industri: The fate of Saab is in the hands of the government. The decision could be made today (Friday), said Eric Bratthall, spokesman for Industry Minister Maud Olofsson. "We worked day and night to announce a decision as soon as possible." Dagens Industri sees the final decision but more at Prime Minister Reinfeldt. An extra-ordinary Cabinet meeting could take place today on the subject.

ttela, the regional newspaper Trollhättans spoke to Johanna Martin, an employee of Minister of Industry Olofsson. Compared to the newspaper, she emphasized that one was working “quickly” on the very extensive documents and wanted to solve the financing questions at short notice. In the course of the next week one could (possibly) come to a statement regarding the Convers group around Antonov. The working group around Maud Olofsson has been familiar with the “case” Saab since the Spyker / GM negotiations in 2009.

E24: The fate of Saab lies with the government, a short-term rescue of Saab is certainly possible, but is this the best solution in the long term? The situation is acute for Saab, the company has to raise money to restart production after Easter.

Saab has a lot of fans and most Swedes sympathize with the brand, the new model brand is promising. Only if that's enough?

No established automaker believes in the survival of the brand. With fresh money Saab could survive for a while, but already the next recession would be the final blow.

There is currently a demand for qualified automobile workers, and Volvo offers better working conditions. The state has the responsibility in a good economic situation to make a company closure possible. Worse, this would be in a recession.

Dagens Nyheter writes: Saab Motor shortly before stalling. Saab needs at least 10 billion SEK, says Lars Holmquist from Europeiska Organizations for Bilindustrins to Dagens Nyheter.

This is a sum that would be impossible to raise, also so Holmquist says, Saab would have lost the confidence of the market. Of course, Lars Carlström, Swede in Antonov's service, sees this completely different. He sees 1.0 to 1.5 billion SEK as completely enough and asks against Dagen's Nyheter who could probably stop the entry of his boss at Saab. Today, Saab has scheduled a conference call with its suppliers.

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