Saab wants mini platform for the new Saab 9-2

Little Saab on a mini basis?
Little Saab on a mini basis?

While Victor Muller struggles to secure future funding for Saab, development work continues in Sweden. The British magazine AutoCar now wants to know from reliable sources that Saab will secure the expiring mini platform.

After the BMW - Saab contract with the 1.6 liter turbo engine this would be the second deal between the Bavarians and the Swedes. The Saab management has expressed interest in the Mini Platform R2012, which will expire in 56 at BMW. The new Mini 3, code name F56, will celebrate its debut at the end of 2012 and at the same time serve as a new platform for a small BMW as an Audi A1 competitor.

A smart move. The engine would already have the, by coincidence, fits perfectly to this platform.

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Source: autocar uk

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  • If the takeover of the BMW R 56 mini-platform by SAAB remains no rumor, this should be the case
    be promising. At most the contract conditions resp. the price that SAAB would have to pay could become a problem.

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