Saab press review from Sweden, after the good news.

Saab plant Trollhättan
Saab plant Trollhättan

Yesterday Saab got the green light to release much needed collateral. What are the Swedish magazines writing about Saab, we have read the most important news for you, and summarized the overview.

Dagens Industri calculates how high the production loss was so far. Calculated by 30 cars per hour, one comes to good 200 cars a day. The question arose how long a working day on the production line at Saab is.

Since the standstill on 05.04. one counts conservatively with 1.800 cars, with the other production stops one is with 2000 cars which were not built.

How much does it cost to shut down a factory at full pay, the editor asks and calls Saab. No idea says Gunilla Gustavs of Saab to Dagens Industri, because the calculation is difficult because in part a flexible working time model takes effect. If the liquidity is available again, then it takes another week to start production again, in this case after Easter. That would be again 800 missing car.

Typically Dagens Industri, in terms of Saab one likes to talk about lack of liquidity or not produced cars.

West is happier about good news is the local ttela. Hakan Scott, IF unionist at the Saab plant, was excited about ttela. “A first step in the right direction. But we need more details. ” Thomas Haglund from Saab is also happy and says: "It is great when it doesn't start and we get the chance to show what we can do." Peter Hallberg, Managing Director at Saab for the Sale Aftermarket is satisfied with Maud Olofsson and thinks the decision now is a kind of first aid, further steps have to follow.

Even the approval of the EIB to the lending business seems to be a mere formality, the ttela reported today.

Svenska Dagbladet points out again that the new co-owner is not yet certain. Next week, the Reich Debt Administration will make a recommendation to the government regarding Antonov. It was not entirely clear to us that Antonov would have to give four parties the green light. The Reich Debt Administration, the Swedish Government, the EIB and …… GM. Well then.

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