Saab relatives, what is BAIC doing in China?

Saab relatives from China - BAIC C60
Saab relatives from China - BAIC C60

In the year 2009 / 2010 BAIC of Saab bought the tools for the expiring Saab 9-5 and the Saab 9-3, as well as two Saab turbo engines and transmissions. Thought BAIC would start production soon, so they disappointed.

So far, the former Saab, called BAIC C60F and C70F, have not gone into series production.

The production for the C60F will start 2012 after the Beijing Auto Show in May, shortly afterwards comes the C70F. Other sources, however, speak of a production later this year. BAIC will offer the C60F as C60EV in the electric car variant, Spy photos of the prototypes on test drive went through the web late last year.

The goals for electric cars, called “New Energy Cars”, are very ambitious. Production of up to 150.000 units per year is thought of, the components for the electric drive are Chinese in-house development and in-house production.

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Source: China Car Times