Saab News: The Chinese plans to join BAIC at Saab?

Saab plant Trollhättan
Saab plant Trollhättan

According to Dagens Industri, the Saab management is negotiating intensively with car manufacturers from China to secure the long-term financing of the manufacturer. The acute, short-term problems are likely to be resolved today during the day, we reported it.

The money that Antonov will make available in the short term and with his participation as a co-shareholder is insufficient to secure future investments in the long term.

Saab's management is therefore negotiating with two Chinese automakers, who are considered long-term industrial partners. For the Chinese, the greatest value is probably in the “Saab” label, which, as a Scandinavian car icon, would enable the Chinese to rise to the premium league.

In recent interviews, the BAIC CEO has recently shown interest in Saab. BAIC had already acquired 2010 Saab technology. Another novice could be SAIC.

Are these plans realistic? We think so, because since the return of Jan Ake Jonsson cryptic hints were made in the Swedish press, now things seem to be more concrete. Victor Muller is aware that he will only publicly comment on the Chinaplains after the current crisis has been resolved.

Source: Dagens Industri

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3 thoughts on "Saab News: The Chinese plans to join BAIC at Saab?"

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    Please not China.
    I don't think that “Chinese” will do a European (actually, I actually believe “global”) company in the long term - including Saab.
    But unfortunately it does not seem to go without their coal (more?). Too bad.

    • blank

      I wonder that Tata was never an issue. They have saved Jaguar solidly and seriously and Saab would be a very useful addition to their model range, why not?

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    Apparently SAAB will go like Volvo. In the short term, the discussed China connection is probably the only successful one. Whether it is also promising in the long term, nobody can estimate now. Anyway, restarting production in Sweden
    priority, because Interssenten resp. Shoppers for the new models are available.

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