Saab Zentrum Frankfurt: Workshop special prices for older Saab

Saab Autohaus Frankfurt - Special offers for drivers of older Saab.
Saab Autohaus Frankfurt - Special offers for drivers of older Saab.

A Saab is a Saab, is a Saab. A Saab is always a special piece of Swedish engineering.

Saab drivers are above average loyal to their brand and are often reluctant and, for the manufacturer, far too seldom from their old Sweden.

Unfortunately, as the years go by, Trollhättan products are lost in backyard workshops, where they are often uninformed about the peculiarities of the Scandinavian brand.

Why should the drivers of older Saab models renounce competent service, so you think at least in Frankfurt.

And while in other brands, the owners of out-of-date series are reluctant to be seen in the glass palaces, perhaps the premium image could suffer, one is traditionally aware of the Swedish and relaxed Swedish.

For older Saab up to first registration 31.12.2002 applies in the workshop a reduced hourly rate, on Saab original spare parts there are 20% on the list price.

An offer that makes sense, because the workshop crew in Frankfurt can look back on 30 years Saab, many of the older Saab models are still known there from new car times.

At the same time, you always have a direct line to the Swedish manufacturer for the well-known good service and the latest Saab models are in the showroom - in case you should change.

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