Saab crisis or "Kampen on Saab" Part 2

Trollhättan: Production stop at Saab continues.
Trollhättan: Production stop at Saab continues.

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Yesterday, the Saab fans and staff in Trollhättan waited in vain for news. The EIB had stopped negotiations in the evening and is one of the reasons behind the delay.

The Swedish press and opinion in Sweden is currently uneven, maybe a bit baffled. Jonas Fröberg wrote the best article of the last 14 days on the Saab scenario and published it on the Svenska Dagbladet. Fröberg is not anyone, but the reporter of 2009 has accompanied the sales negotiations and then the Saab book "Kampen on Saab" published.

In his article he explains the complexity of the negotiations, besides the EIB and National Debt Management, the well-known Mr. Antonov, the KPMG auditors and two law firms. In addition, an unknown third party is involved. This mysterious Chinese automaker returns, not BAIC, who is involved in the negotiations. This involves the use of common technologies and production in China.

The situation, according to Fröberg, is developing into a drama, a "blame game" in which nobody wants to take responsibility and blame others. Right now it is the EIB in Luxembourg, which will receive the school allocations, he formulated very carefully.

Fröberg is a serous author and a "Pro Saab" man. His information is reliable.

And in general, the EIB, which acts over-cautious and continues to delay negotiations.

The EIB wants to secure a right of repurchase on the Saab property values, Saab should despite all efforts still insolvent. This approach somewhat invalidates the securities for Antonov, who is anything but enthusiastic.

About his Swedish voice, Lars Carlström, he read this morning his impatience and his displeasure. However, Carlström's statements of recent days, all of which have not arrived, have the credibility of the North Korean State Radio.

Another brake pad could become GM's old owner. Not only does GM have to agree to a change of ownership, GM also has to approve the sale of the property. So we now have four jobs that have to have the sale abzusgenen to get to the bridging loan. The Reich debt administration, which has said yes and the Swedish reign, which also gives the green light. The EIB, which brakes and GM, which does not react. Svenska Dagbladet tried today to get an opinion from GM Europe - without success.

The sound is therefore increasingly irritated in Sweden. The Saab management does not understand the delaying tactics, the Reich debt administration feels attacked and the EIB is - well - slightly goofy.

Then there are still the voices that would make Saab happiest. So yesterday on E24 a Marie Karlsson-Tula, a lecturer from Gothenburg and probably the Swedish counterpart to Ferdinand Duddenhöfer, asked why Saab was actually given a special treatment. Any "chair manufacturer" in a similar situation would have been closed long ago.

What else is there in Trollhättan? Saab has paid the wages to its employees, so report several sources, that sounds good. The end of the month, the work is back, is in the stars. Obviously, the EIB has a massive problem with the person Antonov.

Otherwise helplessness on the subject of Saab is noticeable. Also with us. The crisis could really turn into a drama when the curtain rises for the next act.

Maybe a wise knight comes from somewhere. Perhaps the mysterious Chinese investor Jonas Fröberg reports is the solution.

Next Wednesday, according to Saab spokesman Eric Geers, the staff can come back to the factory at the Stallbacka. You can expect the "förberedelser" which translates freely translated with work preparation. Whether it really comes to a production start, Geers could not and wanted to say.

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Sources: Svenska Dagbladet, dagens Industri, TT, ttela, e24, Dagens Nyheter

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  • It is slowly real for Ko ..., there comes someone who wants to invest money AND CAN and you do not let him :(, the allegations against him have long since been invalidated, what should be the whole then

    What do the gentlemen for what sooo a production standstill COST !!!!, so this is absolutely NO help.

    I'm sorry for all SAAB staff, they are sooooo pure and then something * Kopfschüttel *, really sad something.

    Greetings from the Allgäu

    PS: A GIANT thank you at this point to the editor for your really great work, you are really great :), hope for all of us that you can write something nice soon :(.

  • The bureaucrats have taken over power worldwide, and it is visible everywhere that the bureaucrats and finance specialists are putting everything on the wall.
    every entrepreneurial vision and entrepreneurial commitment is nullified and it is now possible to see that even he, the optimist and the visionary, suffers.

    When will this drive finally be stopped?

    i also have a need to thank the creators of this site and to express their respect for the professionalism and also the actuality!
    There are a few pages that are so completely successful and do not operate primarily saab-bashing.

    together with saabsunited this is the best address for saab on the web.

    Many greetings


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