Saab News: Reuter reports start of production is delayed - EIB claims seep through.

Update: 13.40 / Update 16: 00

Reuters reports that production at Saab will be further delayed.

Saab spokesman Erich Geers told the news agency that there is now an agreement with the EIB, but on very harsh conditions.

The response from the EIB brings further uncertainty as to when production will start again in Sweden. Originally it was planned to restart production at the end of the new week, Saab loses money every day due to the production stop because the costs continue to run. According to Svenska Dagbladet, GM has now approved the property deal.

Bad news comes from Victor Antonov. His spokesman Lars Carlström told Radio P4 Väst that the EIB's requirements are unacceptable and that they are a fundamental change to the proposals. Under these circumstances, there will be no money transaction in favor of Saab. Representatives of Antonov try to contact the EIB, but this will only be possible again after Easter.

If the EIB insists on its claims (whichever they are), the situation will be very difficult for Saab next week. Carlström stressed that they are still looking for alternative financing options.

In the meantime (16.00:90 p.m.), further details have leaked out. Bloomberg and other sources report the following incredible details regarding Lars Carlström. Accordingly, the condition of the EIB for the approval of the real estate deal is the full repayment of the EIB loan within XNUMX days. This detail has been circulating since yesterday - so far we thought it was an unbelievable and bad joke. If this report is correct, and it seems, it is clear that Saab cannot meet these requirements and Antonov will not respond. How to turn it, the Swedish carmaker is trapped.

Sad Easter. What threatens to dawn is not good at all. In principle, we can not believe EIB history, because the EIB has no reason to call the loan due, as the Kingdom of Sweden continues to guarantee Saab.

Let's stay cool. Griffin Up!

Sources: Reuters, TT, Svenska Dagbladet

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