Saab News: Vladimir Antonov meets Bo Lundgren

Vladimir Antonov
Vladimir Antonov

Update 18: 56

The investment banker and (maybe) future Saab investor is currently meeting in Stockholm with the head of the Swedish Reich debt administration, Bo Lundgren, to discuss the future of Saab with him. The meeting was initialized by Bo Lundgren and can take several hours.

The Swedish finance minister Anders Borg has now announced that the government has no "plan B" for the rescue of Saab. In the meantime there have been rumors about a "Plan B", instead the administration's preparations for a Saab bankruptcy are in full swing. Saab bankruptcy is one of those words that the author never wanted to write on this blog - now it is here.

At 18:56 the Swedish agencies report that the Antonov - Lundgren meeting is still ongoing. There is no news about the course yet. Possibly a statement from both sides in the course of the evening.

How did we write this morning? We need a miracle - now.

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