Saab News Stockholm: Vladimir Antonov soon to be new Saab (co-) owner?

Vladimir Antonov
Vladimir Antonov

The meeting of Bo Lundgren, director of the Swedish Reichsverwaltungsverwaltung, and investor Vladimir Antonov is over. Bo Lundgren wished that the meeting had taken place earlier. Lundgren will now draft a statement for the Swedish government, specifying whether he would like to recommend Antonov as the new co-owner of Saab. He promises his recommendation within a few days.

So the hanging party continues for Saab. We remember: Lundgren's authority seems to be friendly with Saab, he had already endorsed the real estate deal. The Swedish Government has followed its recommendation, the EIB torpedoed the deal and brought it to a standstill. If the national debt administration proposes to the Swedish government Antonov as a shareholder, it will follow, what will the EIB do - which has a veto right like everyone else.

Has the day helped us? No, not yet. Antonov himself or his Swedish mouthpiece Carlstöm has not yet received any comments.

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    Now Muller has indeed spoken. It would also be time for GM to send out a clear signal. If Saab's patents are so important to these Americans, why let the Swedes bleed like that? Due to the extraordinary IPO of the new GM should be well enough with over 25 billionaires USD enough money to invest a portion of the sums that were deducted for years only from Opel and Saab. Moreover, if this situation were to affect another European carmaker, the EIB would have had such conditions.

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    Everyone is talking about the EIB and that time is running out. But who talks about the responsibility of Saab owner Muller. Why did not he try to react to the long-term foreseeable liquidity crisis? When subcontractors had not received any money for weeks, it was still being rejected. Since a lot of time was wasted and much trust destroyed. As a SAAB fan (and driver) I have been hoping for 25 years, of course.

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