Saab News Stockholm: Minister Maud Olofsson speaks

Maud Olofsson
Maud Olofsson

Maud Olofsson is the Swedish Minister of Economic Affairs. In Sweden she is not considered decisive. To the media, Ms. Olofsson emphasized that in the case of the automaker, Saab had done what was possible. That is partially true, because the Swedish government has supported the sale of real estate. Everything else, according to Ms Olofsson, is now the responsibility of Saab and the EIB.

The minister categorically rejects a government rescue plan. It is up to the Saab management and the owner to take care of these issues, she informs. So it is clear that there will be no rescue operation of the government.

What the next few days in the Ministry of Ms Olofsson is discussed is the presentation of the national debt management. It's about the owner question in terms of Antonov. My 2 Cent insists that Mrs Olofsson agrees and rejects the EIB promptly. We will see.

They are losing confidence among suppliers and you prepare yourself for layoffs. After first sending the temporary workers home, the employees are now on the job. Svenake Berglie, chairman of the suppliers, estimates that 2.500 is due to 3000 jobs.

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