Saab News Hong Kong: Victor Muller and Jonsson in China

Victor Muller, Saab rescuer
Victor Muller

In the current Saab crisis every opportunity is used to save the company. Victor Muller and outgoing Saab CEO Jan Ake Jonsson are in Hong Kong today to negotiate with automakers from the People's Republic of China.

Currently there are discussions with four Chinese companies. It deals with rights and technology transfer, especially with regard to the Saab Phoenix platform and the new, 2012-acclaimed, Saab 9-3 successor.

According to Kreise, such a business would solve all acute financial problems at once. The targeted business is not comparable to the transaction 2010 took place.

At that time, Saab 9-3 and Saab 9-5 technologies as well as engines and transmissions were sold to BAIC. The deal brought 1.4 billion SEK and ensured Saab's survival at this critical time.

Now it's about cutting-edge vehicle technology to be transferred to China, to a possible production there, and to other financial magnitudes.

Vladimir Antonov's lawyers continue to work on a solution with the EIB, but his spokesman Carlström emphasized that the chances of a quick solution are very low.

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One thought on "Saab News Hong Kong: Victor Muller and Jonsson in China"

  • Of all that is known about China, it is very unlikely that decisions could be taken so quickly to help in this crisis.

    As far as the EIB discussion is concerned, it has to be said that Antonov is only willing to provide liquidity if he can fully hedge himself, not just through a mortgage but by buying solid assets ...

    Luckily, I am an optimist.

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