Saab News Stockholm: GM and Reich debt administration give green light to Antonov

Vladimir Antonov
Vladimir Antonov

Swedish sovereign debt administration under Bo Lundgren has given the green light for the entry of Vladimir Antonov at Saab. This bill now goes on to the Swedish government, which now has to give its approval. The approval of Minister Maud Oloffson is considered safe according to our information.

Vladimir Antonov or the Convers Group should therefore be able to acquire 30% of the car manufacturer Saab for 29.9 million €. The Swedish Reichsverwaltungsverwaltung has made a valuation of Antonov mainly from an economic point of view and now advocates the entry to the Swedish government.

Almost at the same time, GM gave the green light for Antonov's entry. However, you can still see some formal conditions to be met by the Saab management. The agreement is tentative until implementation of these measures, as GM's information chief James Cain said. What exactly GM means by necessary measures is not yet known.

GM, Saab and the EIB are continuing to engage in close talks to address the current issues. If the EIB exercises its right of veto, however, the Antonov entry will be canceled.

Today is a better day for Saab. Let's wait for the decision of the Swedish government and let's see what the EIB says.

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