Saab News: Suppliers and why the government is waiting with the decision?

The Swedish government is holding back after yesterday's positive decision by GM and national debt administration. Svenåke Berglie, President of the Association of Suppliers, can not quite understand this behavior. He thinks the Swedish government should decide quickly, of course, per Saab, in order to put pressure on the EIB for equally rapid decision-making.

However, the government made it clear last night that it will only take a position after the EIB. Why ? In the case of the real estate business, the government has very quickly taken a stand in favor of Saab. Then you were duped by the decision of the EIB and do not want to relive this situation.

Svenåke Berglie sees further problems for the automaker in case of a positive decision by the EIB and the government. First, the suppliers have to be paid, says Berglie, and a return to a normal delivery on the usual line of credit then he does not see yet. He suspects that Saab wants to extend the repayment of old debts, but thinks that no supplier will agree.

The long-term financing of Saab must first be ensured, before he sees no room for concessions.

The negotiations with the suppliers will take at least a week, before that no car will roll off the line in Trollhättan. End of the statement by Svenåke Berglie.

What to make of it ? Berglie, known for heartfelt words, builds a virtual threat. On the one hand he has to keep an eye on the liquidity of the members of his association, on the other he wants and has to supply Saab. In case of doubt, the suppliers will make compromises with Saab, because you are in the same boat. Therefore, we stay cool and let's wait and see what happens in Luxembourg at the EIB.

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  • As a Saab friend you (of course not) but in this tragedy almost, the label would now at least the worthy farewell to the car, she deserves. Instead, she stabs, like Rover once, probably a painful death on installments. With the attractive new releases 9-5 SportCombi and 9-4X, Saab now has the last chance to re-start. The same as the one at Borgward and Tucker. But all hope for Saab because the hope dies last.

  • Morning people.

    Have heard of a cooperation of Bmw and Gm.
    According to Wirtschaftswoche.

    Should the cooperation agreement be close to completion?

    what is real with Bmw and Saab?

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